Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Potential Impacts of Tree Plantation Projects in Tanzania

Les hva norsk firma gjør med miljøet i Tanzania!

> *Announcement: New report available
> *
> **
> In December 2009, Timberwatch released a preliminary report by/
> /Blessing Karumbidza & Wally Menne titled: /*Potential Impacts of Tree
> Plantation Projects under the CDM - An African Case Study*/ (See
> http://timberwatch.org/uploads/Draft%20Plantation_Projects_under%20CDM%20-%20Blessing%20&%20Wally(1).pdf
> Download 3 MB pdf file at www.timberwatch.org
> or click on the cover image below.
> *This new report expands on the preliminary Timberwatch report released
> in December 2009, and provides greater insight into the commercial and
> industrial activities of the Norwegian owned company Green Resources Ltd
> (GRL), and associated issues, in the Mufindi district of Iringa province
> in southern Tanzania. *
> *There are contradictions in the role of the government of Norway, as a
> major oil producer and exporter through Statoil, contributing
> substantially to global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, while financing
> an environmentally destructive plantation sink project. It has entered
> into an agreement with GRL to purchase 400 000 carbon credits, subject
> to the Idete plantations receiving CDM temporary CERs. On the other
> hand, Norwegian public funds have also been invested in Green Resources
> Ltd. *
> * *
> *Norway wishes to occupy high moral ground and therefore seeks to align
> itself with progressive policies in social, environmental, human rights
> and other development issues. In view of the need to address climate
> change, Norway has committed itself to mitigation projects around the
> world, seeking to buy more than 6 000 000 carbon credits. The GRL
> plantations therefore represent an important political investment for
> the Norwegian government.*

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